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Thread: Manga: Katainaka no Ossan, Kensei ni Naru

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    Manga: Katainaka no Ossan, Kensei ni Naru

    Beryl Gardernant is a humble sword master who runs a dojo in the Reveris Kingdom. He had come to terms with the limits of his strength and was living a leisurely life in the countryside. However, his life changes drastically when Alexia, one of his former students, suddenly visits him and tells him that she has recommended Beryl to be a special instructor within the nation’s Knight Order.

    He is reunited with his former students who have become big-shots such as knight captains, top-ranking adventurers, and ace magicians, and he is kicked out of his family’s dojo. Turbulent times were ahead of him. Beryl was happy that his former disciples adore him, but he is also humble about the fact that he is not very strong. However, while he wasn’t aware of it, he was the owner of an unparalleled talent.

    Unconscious of his power, Beryl is surrounded by ex-disciples who know of his strength, and gradually makes himself known to the world, all the while remaining rather unaware of all of this.
    Only 21 Chapters translated so far... so basically fully read in 1-2 hours or something, but I liked it and felt like creating a thread for it.
    Some good points: decent art, fight choreography, okay-ish powerlevel, MC is in his mid thirties I'd say and always thinks "I'm nothing special" - but it's still on an okay level.
    Cool heroines as well (especially the adventurer girl and the Zweihänder wielding girl that is probably only about 150cm tall.)

    Maybe someone is interested.

    If someone knows a similar manga where the main character is not a 17 year old boy deleting everything with made-up -on-the-spot cheatpowers, shoot it at me.

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    I'm pretty sure they lifted a line from One-Punch Man about wanting to be A class heroes and not S-class, because S-class aren't human.
    art is ok, post-fight commentary is good, but my general impression is that of blandness. nothing is horribly bad, but it's all over the place and lacks focus.

    if the MC had any sort of internal motivation, it'd probably be better (then again, if he had that, he wouldn't be a 40-something years old empty husk), or if the power level was lower and there was an external threat to him.

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    A pleasant read.

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