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Thread: Manga: Kyokou Suiri (In\Specter)

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    Manga: Kyokou Suiri (In\Specter)

    link: mangaseeonline

    the story revolves around a girl (kotoko iwanaga) who speaks with with ghosts and deals with the supernatural world and her older boyfriend who also has mystery powers. they use their abilities to solve crime and have a playful romance.
    but that's not the point of the story.
    the real driving force is playing with the mystery genre,each arc revolves around a murder case and iwanaga has several theories about it, and she states upfront that they are either complete lies or at least mostly fabrications. the writing is very good, the over arching plot is interesting, and even though it's less than 30 chapters in (as for early 2020), each chapter is almost 4 times longer than other manga (around 80 pages each), and it's really packed with content.

    I highly recommend it.

    as a more personal impression of it, i think the story really fits with the current political buzzwords of fake news, gaslighting and fire hosing. the first arc really drives this point, the truth isn't as important as the perception of truth, stories are more resilient than facts, and you tailor the narrative to fit the audience.
    I like the genre, the characters are fun (the somewhat reversed dynamic between the main characters is refreshing), everyone is super smart and clever in an aaron sorkin way. and it's never dull.

    definitely something worth reading if you got some hours to spare.

    it's actually "In\Spectre".
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