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Thread: The Almighty Rules of Gotwoot

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    The Almighty Rules of Gotwoot

    Obey or feel the pain of my whip! (Yes, THAT whip)


    1. No spamming: That includes multi posting. There must be one other person's post before yours. In other words, use the edit button and don't post consecutively.

    2. No excessive or unprovoked flaming: You don't have to be robots when posting. Throw in a little bit of personality or emotion if you have to. But be careful about going overboard. But do not bait someone. For example: "I'd say this, but person A might be a baby about it." Dont do this.

    3. No animated sigs or avatars: Just make sure your signature and/or avatar is not an animated file.

    4. No sigs larger than 500x150: Simple rule. The max size for a signature image is 500 pixels by 150 pixels and only one image per sig.

    5. Nudity is allowed, but only in the form of links where descriptions of the links' contents are clear. Also, NO hentai/porn.

    6. No repeat topics: We can't stress this one enough. Help keep the forums stay uncluttered by using the search feature before posting a thread.

    7. No pyramid or recruiting schemes: Any type of schemes or games that need referals are not allowed here. There won't be one more warning for this violation.

    8. No excessive use of profanity: Part of rule #2. You can use profanity here and there but don't let it becomes a consistent pattern in your posts. Also, too much profanity in one single post is considered as a violation of this rule. Again, you don't have to be robots about it - but you get the point. Nobody wants to read posts like "OMG holy fucking shit that bitch totally got fucked damn omg lol wtf go to hell and die... bitch".

    9. No posting of other people's personal information without their permission: Consider reading this rule as your first warning. Posting their real name(s), addresses, phone numbers, pictures and/or pctures of their friends/family, or pictures that shows anything mentioned above will result in an immediate ban.

    10. No racism: This rule isn't difficult to follow.

    11. No spoiling WHATSOEVER. Spoilers are to be kept to manga/open discussion threads, or PM's. This includes discussion of RAW / unfansubbed / scanlated material.

    12. No posting of malicious links: Links that can damage or harm your computer or links to websites that are designed to annoy people are not allowed.

    13. No posting of programs for any malicious activity: Asking or sharing of the mentioned is not allowed here.

    14. No worthless or low content posts: For example, "hi", "lol", "hahah", "too long, didn't read" "owned", or anything that has no real contribution to the thread are not necessary. If you don't have anything significant to say or if you're not gonna follow the rules of the thread, don't post.

    15. Above all, use common sense: Most of these rules are just regular forum etiquette. Before you do anything, just think about what you're about to do for one second. You'll know if what you're doing is against the rules or not.

    16. Do not remove moderator-edits from your posts: This makes sure that you don't get warned by a different moderator who did not see the first mod-edit.

    17. All anime download request threads must be in the Anime Downloads forum. Threads created in other forums will be locked.

    18. Please do not report posts simply because you disagree with them. Reporting posts should only be used for alerting admins/mods to violations of the rules. If you have beef with something that does not break the rules PM an admin/mod rather than use the report system, or just suck it up and deal with it.

    Rules regarding the reputation system:

    1. Do not sign your reps, neither positive nor negative, with your own name. Signing a rep equals to asking for a rep hit in return, which is forbidden by rule #3.

    2. Do not sign your reps with someone else's name for any purpose.

    3. Do not form reputation cliques for the purpose of inflating the clique members' reputations by continuously repping each other. All kind of circle-jerking is forbidden and will result in severe punishments.

    4. Respect the forum rules in your reps as well as your posts. This means, no excessive flaming/verbal abuse, no racism, etc. etc. If you're leaving a negative rep, I'm sure you can find a way to express your displeasure without being a big jerk about it. If you want to flame, be a man and do it in the flame pit. Don't hide behind the rep system.

    Additional rules for General Anime forum:

    1. The first post in a series thread to discuss the latest episode must indicate it by either with a link or links to the episode or at the very minimum the episode number. This is to avoid people getting spoiled accidentally when they think they are still reading about the previous week's episode.

    Additional rules for Naruto/Bleach Anime forums:

    1. No posting of irrelevant, useless information in the Episode XXX Release Info threads: You may only post in those threads if you are going to announce an official release of a raw or a subbed version. Including links to the releases is also helpful.

    2. Episode discussion threads are to be created only when a sub has been released. Creating a discussion thread for an episode that has not yet been released and/or subbed will earn you a warning. This rule is also to be followed on the Gundam subdorum.

    Additional rules for Anime Fanart forum:

    1. No use or posting of images that contain spoilers: If the anime has not shown it, please do not use it in your artwork. If you are sharing a piece that includes spoilers, please link it, and warn the members. This rule applies to avatars, signatures, wallpapers, or any other fanart.

    2. Requesting of a sig or avatar, or sharing your fanart can be posted in these threads, respectively: "Sig/Banner Requests!" or "New sig or wallpaper? show it off here!".

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